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Baby Girl Names

Javeria - Meanings, Origin, Face Photos


'Baby Girl Names' in Arabic added by Silent Voice, Jan 16, 2012

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Baby Girl Names Baby Girl Names
Happiness spreader, Girl who spread Happiness, Blessed female, Name of the prophet's wife
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Additional Info

Javeria is the name of an ancient Egyptian princess,As;
Jaweriyah in Arabic..Wife of Prophet (pbuh)
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    Comments on the name 'Javeria'

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    1. Saad Sheikh
      Love this name :)
      Jan 31, 2012
      1. shikha
        saad ji yeh toh mera naam haina...............syeda jaweria jaffery...............;-)
        Sep 18, 2012
      2. Saad Sheikh
        Saad Sheikh
        Jee Masha Allah, bohot acha name hai :)
        Sep 19, 2012
      3. shikha
        Sep 19, 2012

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