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Benazir Income Support Programme Payments List 2012

Discussion in 'Pakistan News & Current Affairs' started by Veer, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Benazir Income Support Programme Payments List 2012


    Current Payment Mechanism
    • The payments to the BISP beneficiaries are being made through the Pakistan Post.
    • The list of beneficiaries is sent to the Pakistan Post in an electronic form along with a cheque for the total amount to be paid to the beneficiaries.
    • Pakistan Post prints money orders through a digitized system and Money Orders are paid to the beneficiaries at their doorstep.
    • At the time of payment delivery, the beneficiary woman has to establish her identity and show her CNIC.
    • Through this mechanism no one handles the money except the Postman.
    • As a measure of transparency and social accountability of the Programme, the payment details and status of delivery of each beneficiary has been displayed at the BISP website.
    New Payment Mechanism
    • In order to further improve the payment mechanism, technology based solutions are being explored by BISP.
    • Such new mechanisms will enable the BISP to execute the payments in a shorter span of time and real time reconciliation of payments. Systems are also being designed to address the payment complaints in a more efficient way.
    • Payment through the Smart Card is being initiated in four districts on a Pilot basis. The cards will be issued by NADRA and the payments will be arranged by a Bank through a network of franchisees and a core banking application.
    For more and updated information visit Official Website Here!

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