Bin Tere - Episode 1 - 13th September 2011

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    Bin Tere Episode 1 - 13th September 2011

    [​IMG]The story revolves around Somi, the daughter of Bilal and Najia who live happily together. Somi’s family is very close to that of her khala’s and there is a tacit understanding that she will marry her cousin Asad. But Somi falls in love with Shahzaib on the internet. Although all the family members are shocked, they go along with her for her happiness. However fate intervenes, and Shahzaib dies in an accident. To get over her depression Somi goes to Murree to spend some quiet days there, and again fate intervenes, bringing her face-to-face with a look alike of Shahzaib. Will she find happiness with him, or does fate have yet more surprises in store for Somi?

    Cast: Mehwish Hyatt, Fahad Mustafa, Benish Chouhan, Danish Taimoor
    Directed by: Syed Atif Hussain
    Produced by: Yasir & Shakil Ahsan

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