Bulbulay - Episode 104 - 18th September 2011

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    Bulbulay Episode 104 - 18th September 2011

    A slapstick sitcom with all the right ingredients and mad moments, ‘Bulbulay’ is steadily gaining popularity and viewership. Starring Nabeel as himself, Hina Dilpazeer (Momo), Ayesha Omar (Khubsoorat) and Mehmood Aslam (Mehmood Sahab). After a long time, viewers are treated to a comedy on television that is actually funny, with a major part of the humour based on moments of forgetfulness. Kudos to the writer for keeping the viewers thoroughly entertained and rolling in fits of laughter for the entire 30-minute duration of the show. The script, in each episode, is crisp and full of puns and wordplay that is a welcome change from the rest.

    A story of three special and lunatic characters, out of whom Nabeel leads the plot as he has been disowned by his own father for his care-free attitude. Nabeel has been provided accommodation by his friend Ahmar and his living hood problems are being solved by Mahmood, who is living as a tenant of Nabeel, on the property of Ahmar. In this way Nabeel gets blessed by double means, but unfortunately his blessings turn into miseries when Khubsoorat, the friend of Ahmar's wife arrives at his place and finds out his double-cross planning. So the rest of the story rests on her blackmailing and the scenario of Nabeel getting blackmailed.


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