Check your Vote Status info via SMS for Election 2013 in Pakistan

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    How to Check your Vote Status / Vote Registration info via SMS in Pakistan for Election 2013

    How to Check your Vote Status?
    • Simply send your CNIC (without dashes) to 8300
    • Example: Send “3740541882200” to 8300

    You will soon receive a reply with following information:
    • Your CNIC Number
    • Electoral Area, i.e. District, Tehsil and city/town/village
    • Block Code
    • Serial Number

    Election Commission said that it has purposefully not included the voters’ name and home address to avoid any privacy violations.

    • SMS sent to 8300 will be charged @ Rs. 2 plus tax
    What if you are not registered or registered with incorrect details?
    Election Commission of Pakistan has said that that voters, in case of any issue, should immediately contact district election commissioner to get the details corrected. For the purpose, Election Commission is also arranging the establishment of display centers where voters can go an check their details and to get the information corrected.

    One of the main reasons of the low voter turnout in the 2007 General Elections was due to the inefficient voting registration mechanism by the Election Commission of Pakistan. They also failed to provide assistance in voter registration which played a huge role in the low voter turnout last time. So instead of relying on a bunch of tea sipping lazy bums, you can spread the word yourself online and get people aware and at the ballot box on Vote Day. Don’t let these crooks fool you anymore. It doesn’t matter where you are in Pakistan or in the world, you can get your vote registered and it’s simple!
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