Dareecha - Episode 97 - 8th March 2012

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    Pakistani Drama Dareecha - Episode 97 - 8th March 2012

    Maheen gets married to the love of her life. What she thought would be a dream come true, turns into a living nightmare. She discovers the truth about faizan’s past, his previous marriages and his violent behavior. In her state of depression, she begins to develop a split personality disorder. Meanwhile, faizan finds a new love interest at work named surraya. After much persistence, he deviously convinces her to marry him. On the other hand, faizan’s mother gaeti ara, fearful of her son’s behavior turns to a spiritual person for guidance and discovers the influence of black magic in her house. From black magic to physical abuse, dareecha touches upon various social evils prevalent in our society.

    Cast: Fazila Qazi, Imran Aslam, Sana Askari, Salma Hasan, Yasir Hussain, Fawwad Khan , Soniya Hussain, Rashid Farouqi, Atif Bader

    Written and Art Direction by: Mohammed Ahmed
    Produce by: Adeel Farhan
    Directed by: Faiz


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    Dareecha - Episode 97 - 8th March 2012 Part 1
    Dareecha - Episode 97 - 8th March 2012 Part 2

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