Dur-e-Shahwar - Episode 1 - 10th March 2012

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    Hum tv drama serial Dur-e-Shahwar by Umera Ahmed Episode 1 - 10th March 2012

    The plot revolves around Shandana and Hyder who have been married for eight years but are now having problems in their marriage.

    Shandana goes to Murree with her daughter to spend the holidays with her parents, Durreshehwar and Mansoor. She cannot help envying her mother who has a devoted husband and is very happy, and subconsciously keeps comparing her husband with her father – until she learns that life is never a bed of roses and her mother’s happiness didn’t come easy.
    Starting from 10th March 2012 at 8:00 Pm

    Written By: Umera Ahmed
    Directed By: Haissam Hussain
    Production: Durr-e-Shahwaar is First Joint Production By Momina Duraid Productions and Six Sigma

    Cast: Samina Peerzada, Sanam Baloch, Meekaal Zulfiqar, Nadiya Jamil, Nauman Ejaz, Qawi Khan, Affan Waheed, Sajjal, Laila Zuberi, Seemi Raheel, Saba Faisal

    Dur-e-Shahwar Episode 1:
    Durr-e-Shahwar Episode 1 Part 1 - 10th March 2012
    Durr-e-Shahwar Episode 1 Part 2 - 10th March 2012
    Durr-e-Shahwar Episode 1 Part 3 - 10th March 2012
    Durr-e-Shahwar Episode 1 Part 4 - 10th March 2012

    Dur-e-Shahwar Episode 2:
    Dur-e-Shahwar Episode 2 - 17th March 2012
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