Hasb-e-haal With Azizi - 1st January 2012

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    Hasb-e-haal With Azizi - 1st January 2012

    Host: Junaid Saleem
    Co-Host: Najia Baig
    Protagonist: Sohail Ahmad aka Azizi
    Time: 11:05 pm, Thu-Sun

    Concept: Having the honour of being the most watched program in Pakistan, Hasb-e-Haal is a political and social satire. Sohail Ahmed appears on Hasb e Haal as Azizi, while the rest of the crew JunaidSaleem and Najia are playing themselves. It is an effort to raise the voice of sanity over the apparent apathy in the society. He mocks the flagrant disregard for law, lack of policy architecture by the government and equally blatant lack of incentive from the civil society to change the existing flawed system. The popularity of the show is understandable in a society which has lost its relevance and looks at reality through half open means of expression.

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