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HumNasheen Drama Episode 5 - 24th March 2013

Discussion in 'Hum TV Dramas' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Veer, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Let's discuss HumNasheen Hum tv Drama Episode 5 - 24th March 2013
    Story Line: “Humnasheen” is a story about the ups and downs that a family faces Asmat Aara, the main character has no children, so after 15 years of marriage she gets her husband married to a 16-year old girl Shamsa Bano. This way she gets the approbation of the family as well as can dominate her young rival. Asmat Aaara brings up Shamsa’s twins and does not tolerate any kind of interference of her husband Munir in their upbringing and education. All important decisions revolving around the children are made by Asmat Aaara.

    Will Asmat Aaara’s decisions prove to be current? Will Shamsa ever have a standing in the family?
    To find out watch “Humnasheen” Every Sunday

    Writer: Shehla Shakoor | Director: Sirah-ul-Haque | Producer: Momina Duraid
    Cast: Adnan Siddiqui, Faiza Hassan, Areej, Humayun Ashraf, Raheel Butt, Rija Ali, Kaiser Naqvi,Saira Khan, Alizeh Gabool, Amir Qureshi and Mustafa Changezi

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    Mukammal episode Dailymotion per mulahiza kijiye:
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