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    Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan is a drama serial made in Pakistan based on a novel written by Umaira Ahmed. It is an emotional story of a girl named Saba and her daughter Sara. It is considered as one of the best dramas serials in Pakistan.

    Faisal Qureshi as Arfeen Abbas
    Samiya Mumtaz as Saba Kareem
    Sarwat Gillani as Sara Kareem
    Imran abbas naqvi as Haider Abbas
    Samina Peerzada as Shakeela Abbas
    Khayyam Sarhadi as Qasim Abbas
    Mehreen Raheel as Mahroosh

    [​IMG]A saga that spans over two generations, Meri Zaat Zara-E-Benishan begins with the arrival of a girl named Sara (Sarwat Gilani) at the doorstep of a man named Arfeen Abbas (Faisal Qureshi). She hands him a letter, and he seems shaken after reading it. He asks where "Saba" is, and she replies that she died four days prior. Arfeen falls to the ground in shock, but then regains his composure and asks Sara to give him her address, so that they can go to her home and gather her belongings. When they arrive at Sara's home, which is quite small compared to Arfeen's mansion, she leaves Arfeen in the main room and heads to her bedroom to gather her belongings. Arfeen finds a pair of Saba's old sandals, and breaks down in tears as he grips them. Sara sees him as he cries and wonders why he is so sorrowful at her passing. They head back to Arfeen's estate, where he introduces Sara to his son, Haider (Imran Abbas). Haider is not initially pleased to have Sara staying in their house, but becomes accustomed to her after a while.

    It is revealed in a series of flashbacks that Saba (Samiya Mumtaz), was Sara's mother and Arfeen's first cousin. Saba and Arfeen were madly in love, but Saba was treated with ire by most of the family, especially Arfeen's mother (Samina Peerzada). When Arfeen expresses his wish to marry Saba, his mother and father (Khayam Sarhadi), are very outspoken against the marriage. But when Arfeen states that if he cannot marry Saba then he won't marry at all, his parents finally agree.

    Back in present time, Sara and Haider become good friends, and she becomes accustomed to living at Arfeen's home, though she still speculates about what happened between him and her mother. She visits the rest of her family, including her aunts and uncles, and each person she asks refuses to give her any details about what happened. Arfeen, meanwhile, is worried that Sara will eventually leave his house. The only solution he can come up with is to have Haider marry Sara. Haider initially refuses, but eventually falls in love with Sara and agrees. Sara agrees to the marriage as well. The day of the wedding however, Sara goes missing. Arfeen becomes panicky and asks Sara's aunt whether she told Sara what happened with her mother, and she says she didn't. This prompts Haider to ask what happened, and Arfeen launches into the story.

    Saba and Arfeen had gotten married just like they had wanted, but the day before Saba's rukhsati, Arfeen's mother asks Saba to go into a spare bedroom and set the bed for Arfeen's sister. When Saba arrives in the bedroom, she finds that Arfeen's mother had also asked a cousin of theirs who had also expressed interest in Saba, Aadil, to fix a lighting fixture in the same room. When Saba attempts to leave, she finds that the door to the room is locked. She and Aadil both bang on the door, but nobody comes to their aid. After about an hour, Arfeen's mother, along with most of the rest of their family, show up outside the door. Arfeen's mother starts yelling and creating a ruckus, saying that Saba and Aadil are infidels and had been doing things in the locked room the whole time. Saba and Aadil refuse to having done anything, but none of the family believes them. Arfeen's father beats Saba, and nobody comes to her aid as she is beaten. When Saba gets home, nobody believes that she is innocent, not even her mother and sister. When Arfeen hears about the incident, he is skeptical about what really happened, and questions Saba about it. She says she is innocent, but that she has no proof of it. Arfeen then asks her to take an oath with her hand on the Qur'an that she is innocent, and she agrees, on the term that his mother would take an oath as well. Saba has faith that her aunt is too kind and worshipful to Allah to lie on the Quran. Her assupmtion turns out to be wrong however, and her aunt does lie on the Quran, prompting Arfeen to have proof that Saba lied, and he divorces her.

    Arfeen gets remarried to a girl in America, but he is still in love with Saba. Saba's parents forcefully marry her to a 50-year old man (Rashid Farooqi) of 5 children, who turns out to be abusive and beats her regularly. Nobody from her family visits her during that painful period of her second marriage. When Saba becomes pregnant, her husband refuses to believe that the child is his, and divorces her and kicks her out of the house. Saba gets a job as a maid at a rich woman's home, and soon gives birth to a girl.

    Arfeen's wife (Mehreen Raheel), meanwhile, has already had a son with Arfeen. But she is a careless mother. Their marriage is a battlefield as well. Back in Pakistan, nothing is going right for Arfeen's family. One of his sisters has lost her husband, while the younger sister has been divorced and his mother is diagnosed with cancer. When Arfeen arrives in Pakistan, his mother finally tells him the truth about Saba. When Arfeen goes back to America he divorces his wife and takes his kid back to Pakistan. He has a garments factory and Saba is working there, secretly. She was friendly with Haider (Arfeen's son). She worked there until the day she died. Back in the present time, they find out Sara was at her mother's house. They go to get her and while she is getting ready to go she overhears Arfeen's sister and Saba's sister talking about what happened to Saba. She decides to run away from the home where her mother was treated unfairly. Haider finds her a couple of days later and explains the whole story. Sara agrees to return with him and they are married.

    The song Meri Zaat Zara-E-Benishan has been written by Poet "Sabir Zafar" who resides in Karchi, Sindh. He is the author of more than a dozen books of Poetry and is widely known for his excellent and heart touching poetry. Many of his songs are sung by Junoon Group including "Azadi", "Baarish", "Chaen", "Chalay Thay Saath", "Chal Kuriye", "Dewaar", "Dharti Keh Khuda", "Dil Nahin Lag Raha", "Dosti", "Garaj Baras", "Ghoom Taana", "Heeray", "Hungama", "Husan Walo", "Ishq", "Janey Tu", "Jhulle Lal", "Kaisay Gaaon Main", "Kisne Suna", "Kyun Parishan", "Lal Meri Pat", "Loishay", "Mahiwal", "Maza Zindagi Ka", "Meri Awaaz Suno", "Mitti", "Mukh Gae", "Pappu Yaar", "Pyar Bina", "Rondé Naina", "Saeein Alaap", "Sanwal", "Sapnay", "Sayonee", "Shamein", "Sheena", "Sheeshay Kay Ghar", "Taara Jala", "Wahda Hoo" and partly "Zamane Ke Andaz". He also produced lyrics for the Albums "Hotline" by Nazia and Zoheb Hassan and "Love Letter" by Sajjad Ali. He was awarded the prestigious President of Pakistan's Pride of Performance in 2010.

    The Singer is the well known Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew of the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

    The serial became widely popular and highly praised by the public. It also generated the highest ratings for any program shown in prime time. It was claimed to be the most successful serial of the present times.

    To acknowledge the popularity of the serial among the public, the producers of the serial had included a letter referring to audience thanking them for making the show so successful. Entire serial was also released on DVD in mid 2010.

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    Yes, I like this drama too much and while watching the drama some moments came when I near to cry.
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