Mohabbat Ruth Jaye Toh - Episode 16 - 11th September 2011

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    Mohabbat Ruth Jaye Toh Episode 16 - 11th September 2011

    [​IMG]This serial tackles head-on the many cultural traditions – such as child marriage and marriage to the holy Quran and honour killings – that continue to plague women in our society. Zain, Shumail and Shahnawaz are friends who live abroad. Shahnawaz likes Shumail but after her rejection he goes back to Pakistan where his parents force him to marry his childhood fiancée. However, Shahnawaz runs away before the wedding and in due course marries Shumail, and they move abroad.

    Meanwhile, Shahnawaz’s sister Bhaag Bhari is made to marry the holy Quran. Shahnawaz contacts his father, who forces him into a second marriage. He agrees on the condition that he is permitted to take Bhag Bhari with him, but discovers too late that his father has plans that lead to the destruction of their lives. Will Shahnawaz ever be able to find peace?


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