Qudrat Episode 11 Ary Digital Drama - 26th February 2014

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    Pakistani drama Qudrat Ep 11 Preview by Ary Digital 26th February 2014

    Storyline: Qudrat is about justice, karma, faith and our believes on ourselves an our Allah. An astrologist, Nadeem Baig, who predicts future. His son, Ahsan khan, who plays a game with his future predicted and Zehra, Sajal Ali, who pays for her father’s sin being the unluckiest of all.

    Written by: Batool Bhojani | Directed by: Barkat Siddiqui

    Cast includes: Nadeem Baig , Ahsan Khan, Sajjal Ali and Mommal Sheikh

    Ep # 11 Preview on Pakistan Web
    Qudrat Episode 11 Promo by Ary Digital - 26th Feb 2014 | Pakistan Social Web
    Timing: Every Wednesday, Thursday at 9:00 PM

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