Rani Beti Raj Karey - Episode 154 - 8th September 2011

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    Rani Beti Raj Karey - Episode 154 - 8th September 2011

    Drama Serial - Mondays to Thursdays at 09:40 PM

    Written by Muhammad Asif and Ibn-e-Aas
    Director by Mohsin Talat

    Cast: Javed Sheikh, Badar Khalil, Munawar Saeed, Nauman Masood, Sadia Imam, Sara Chaudhry, Saba Faisal, Seemi Pasha, Mahjabeen, Natasha Ali, Hasan Niazi, Sadia Sheikh, Tahir Kazmi and others.

    Story: Its society without which one can not live; and that doesn’t let one to live. revolving around the obligations of being a father of daughters in our society, "rani beti raj karay" has the potential to hit the core of all subjacent issues. rafaqat sahab is a retired government officer, following a middle class lifestyle with her wife and three daughters. during the engagement of his second daughter, saima it reveals that rafaqat sahab has two more daughters, shakeela and raheela from another wife who is no more in the world. they decided to join their father when a hooligan of their locality, jaggu dada falls in love of shakeela. raheela started working in a firm, where her boss (adnan) shows fascination towards her, but when adnan’s mother arrive at raheela’s home for proposal she admires saima more than raheela and ultimately saima becomes her daughter-in-law. on the other hand, during the wedding of saima, adnan’s elder brother jahanzaib falls in love of shakeela and by the virtue of fate, the younger daughter becomes the eldest daughter-in-law of sheharyar family, which gives birth to several disputes among the two step sisters. the other track of the story highlights the relationship between haya, the eldest daughter of rafaqat sahab and riyasat baig, a politician who is taking care of his wife’s business but is not at the level of mental understanding with her. various characters explaining several stories, but all converging to the fate of a daughter and the dream of a father.

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