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Pakistan Army Salary Of Pakistan Army Captain, Major And Colonel In 2012

Discussion in 'The Armed Forces of Pakistan' started by tahir asif, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. tahir asif

    tahir asif New Member

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    please someone tell me the GROSS and NET salary of a

    2. MAJOR
    3. COLoNEL

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  2. Khudeeja Bashir

    Khudeeja Bashir Popular Pakistani Baby Names Staff

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    Hmmmm. I guess k
    1. Caption has 17000 the Basic pay but with the Addition of different Allowances it becomes more than 22,000..
    2. Major jo hota hai uski pay 22,000 say start hoti hai aur
    3. Colonel jo hein unki pay jo Net hai salary hai wo yahin 22,000 say he start hoti hai but inka rank Major say zeyada hota hai issi liye inko Gari/Car aur aik Fully furnished home ki sahoolat bhi di jati hai..Medical facilities and Family Allowances usk ilawa hein...:)
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  3. Sana Ahamed

    Sana Ahamed Well-Known Pakistani

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    very nice that is amazing....
  4. Maliha Lodhi

    Maliha Lodhi New Member

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    How do u know it Khadeeja ?
  5. usman kiyani

    usman kiyani New Member

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    Major minimum pay 60 to 70 thousand
    Colnel minimum pay 90 to lack
  6. usman kiyani

    usman kiyani New Member

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    Captain minimum pay
    50 to 60
    Major 60 to 70
    Colnel 90 to lack

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