Subha Saweray Maya key Sath - 12th September 2011

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    Subha Saweray Maya key Sath - 12th September 2011

    [​IMG]Subah Saverey Maya Kay Sath is a live morning show featuring guests from showbiz to politics, sports to fashion and the layman. Maya Khan’s multifaceted and colorful personality kick starts the day for viewers and guests. Different segments append more color of people’s choice by the variety of experts contributing their bountiful services to the show’s viewers. Participation of viewers via calls, SMS and email is the show’s main component. Daily episodes vary and revolve around not only guests, but dreams, opinions, ambitions, struggles, health, beauty, etiquette, real life stories, matrimony, gossip, et cetera. Bonus: send in your entries to participate in the live show. Email us a simple, quick recipe and get a chance to make it live on Subah Saweray Maya Kay Sath.

    Host: Maya Khan

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