Essential Hygienic practices for Women

Hi everyone

This post is especially for ladies who are an essential part of a home and society.

There is a strong urge to keep themselves clean. They maintain home as they are the homemakers and also they are essentially participating in every field now a days.


They should keep their nails short and trim as bacteria's and viruses can stay there as it is not easy to clean underneath the nails.

During these days amid COVID 19, dermatologists are urging to cut their nails on regular bases.

A mother is an essential part of home and she should stay healthy by adapting all the hygiene's including cutting her nails and urge everyone in home to cut their nails regularly. As it's a daily practice for a women to make Roti and make its dough as well, if your nails are contaminated, its results could be worse.

There is also a strong recommendation to avoid hair and nail salons during these days.
Even gentlemen should avoid it.

I am sharing a link in which you can learn more about this hygienic step.

Your nails are bacteria breeding grounds. Here's how to keep them clean
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