Gloves protect you from Coronavirus, Seriously?

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Hi and Salam Everyone!

Today I'm going to talk about the use of gloves as a preventive measure against bacteria and viruses. As today's life, talk of the town or I must say talk of every house is about Coronavirus.
There is a serious misconception that gloves can protect you against viruses.

The phenomenon is quite similar to wear a winter glove. You stay warm but not fully and if by chance your gloves got wet, subsequently your hands will get wet too.

In a similar way, if your hands with the gloves come in contact with a contaminated surface, they can catch the virus the same as your hands can. So be aware and spread awareness about the usage of gloves. The only protective measure is to wash your hands' quite often.

As a doctor, we use gloves to examine a patient. Before that, a doctor washes his/her hands and then put on gloves, examines the patient and then discards the gloves in the garbage and then again washes his/her hands. This is the "optimal" exercise done by a doctor. Nowadays, when there is an emergency in every field, the medical staff needs the gloves and mask more than any other person. And apparently, we are not having the supplies enough to cope with the needs of gloves and other utensils. So, I request everyone to limit their usage of gloves and let them remained for the medical Staff.
  • Stay home.
  • Adapt to social distancing.
  • Wash your hands more often.
Last but not least, These posts are for your service so that you can spread the awareness to the people who simply don't have the exposure to knowledge as you have e.g. your servants and elders.

These are important information that can subsequently be very helpful. As change starts from a single person.
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