Prevention is better than cure

Assalam o Alikum!!!

Dear Members, As a doctor I have a responsibility to keep you aware of the pandemic viral disease called COVID 19. It is a contagious disease, spreading from person to person.

The following things should be practiced by everyone.


First of all, DO NOT try the unauthentic home remedies. There is a widespread of home remedies such as Lemon and Ginger or any other herbs in warm water, drink it as much as you can. They are useless.

Do not drink Vinegar water mixture to get protected from this virus... It's totally insane INSANE INSANE to follow such stupid drinks that can be seen in social media.

Follow Social distance that includes no handshaking. Because you never know, you can be the carrier and put someone's life in danger.

Do not sneeze in your hands... Sneeze in your elbows and then wash your hands. and if you use a napkin or tissue paper then make sure that you throw the tissue in the trash.

Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Now come towards the DOS..

Wash your hands quite often. more than usual.

Use 65% alcohol or other disinfectant sprays to disinfect the frequently touched object and surfaces. e.g. Your cell phones as it is a thing that has become the most essential now a days.

The most important thing :"If you are having fever, cough or flu stay at home as much as it is possible". Your life is precious and you can save many other lives by adapting these simple steps and try to share it as much as you can.

Many of our member from Pakistan Web are overseas and it is disastrous in Italy and Iran. The death rate in Italy is more than China.

So for overseas members, Please stay at home and do not meet the people who had traveled. There is declared isolation period of at-least 14 days for the travelers who traveled through airplanes or cruise because it is the main source of spreading this disease.

This is only very short awareness about COVID 19.

It is pandemic and WHO calls it as an alert for whole world.

May Allah protect us all and keep us in His Mercy and always remember the doctors, the scientist, the nurses, the whole medical crew who are working day and night to give cure for this deadly disease. Ameen
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