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Words that start with D in English to Punjabi Dictionary

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Word, Definition, Origin and Meanings
  1. D


    a long essay on a particular subject
  2. D


    Verb: express disapproval of. Example: The school deprecates the social mixing of older and...
  3. D


    Verb: regard or represent as being of little worth. Example: He never missed an opportunity to...
  4. D


    Verb: keep someone from proceeding by holding them back or making claims on their attention,...
  5. D


    noun. a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a...
  6. D


    noun. scattered fragments, typically of something wrecked or destroyed.
  7. D


    adjective. (of a person) unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness....
  8. D


    noun. (in folklore or fantasy literature) a member of a mythical race of short, stocky humanlike...
  9. D


    adjective. open to discussion or argument.
  10. D


    verb. get rid of by throwing away or giving or selling to someone else. arrange in a...

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