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Words that start with R in English to Punjabi Dictionary

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Word, Definition, Origin and Meanings
  1. R


    Slightly indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.
  2. R


    adjective. strong and healthy; vigorous.
  3. R


    of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified.
  4. R


    feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one's wrongdoing or sin.
  5. R


    a partially dried grape.
  6. R


    a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.
  7. R


    (noun) an act of rinsing something. (verb) wash (something) with clean water to remove soap,...
  8. R


    verb. mention or allude to. pass a matter to (another body, typically one with more authority...
  9. R


    noun. a cylindrical projectile that can be propelled to a great height or distance by the...
  10. R


    noun. a crack, split, or break in something. a serious break in friendly relations. verb....

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