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English to Urdu Dictionary

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Word, Definition, Origin and Meanings
  1. T
  2. T


    a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications. a public tribute to...
  3. S


    A fixed regular sum paid as a salary or allowance.
  4. O


    A small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.
  5. P
  6. I


    What is Illuminati? Click here to understand Illuminati in Urdu
  7. N


    noun. the part of a person's or animal's body connecting the head to the rest of the body. a...
  8. G


    noun. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation.
  9. A
  10. I


    (verb) enter or gain access to (an organization, place, etc.) surreptitiously and gradually,...

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