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  1. Harry Potter
    "Alif will break records"
    Alif will break records :love::love::love: each n everything is so perfect :thumbs up: jasa novel tha same wesa & characters the cast is brilliant :smiling face with heart-shaped eyes::smiling face with heart-shaped eyes::smiling face with... View Full Review
  2. Stylo
    "Loved the novel and now drama"
    Alif and Qalb e Momin , these names have their own dignity and we can expect these names from the only Umera Ahmad ! :smiling face with heart-shaped eyes: Loved the novel and now drama :relieved face: View Full Review
  3. Wanted
    "Alif deserves more rating"
    Alif deserves more rating than mere pas tum ho :rolleyes: View Full Review
  4. Veer
    "Outstanding performance"
    Outstanding performance by Hamza Ai Abbasi and Sajal Ali. Amazing drama. Love it :love: View Full Review
  5. Falak
    "It was surprisingly fast paced"
    I just watched the first episode ...Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It was surprisingly fast paced and the characters we’ve met so far are very interesting....let's see:) View Full Review
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  6. Ellaf khan
    "Favorite Actor or Favorite writer"
    Favorite Actor or Favorite writer hn story bhi achi hai or kaam bhi acha kar rheny hn sb..:happy: next episode ka intzar h:( View Full Review
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  7. Veer
    "Good start"
    What a start :love: View Full Review
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