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Safoora Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic
Lucky Number:
  • 8

Safoora Meaning

God Fearing, Chosen, Pious

Safoora in Urdu


Additional Info

Name of the wife of Hazrat Musa (as), and daughter of Hazrat Shoaib (as).

She was the youngest girl of Prophet Shoaib (as) but yet she showed a high level of wisdom, modesty and courage to Musa (as) when he was running from the authorities.

He chooses to marry her when Shoaib (as) offered him to marry one of his girls as a gift because Musa (as) helped this family while the father was old and weak.

A source means Safura “little bird” but it's not confirmed yet.

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    1. Princess
      Nice name
      Apr 5, 2012
      1. Khudeeja Bashir
        Khudeeja Bashir
        Thanx Princess:)
        Apr 5, 2012
      2. Princess
        Ur welcome siso
        Apr 5, 2012