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Adnan Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic
Lucky Number:
  • 4

Adnan Meaning

Settler, One who settles for a long time in a place, Paradise, Jannat

Adnan in Urdu


Additional Info

Adnan is an indirect Quranic name for boys that is thought to be the name of the son of Prophet Ismaeel son of Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon them. Adnan is the father of all Arabs of the north of Arabia and is one of the ancestors of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Adnan is derived from the AIN-D-N root (“eternal settlement”, “paradise”) and thus means “one who settles for a long time in a place”, “paradise”.

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  1. Desert Rose
    en español: mi nombre significa es viviente de paraiso, habitante de paraiso
    Feb 10, 2013

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