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Arhaan Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Hindi,Turkish,Sanskrit

Arhaan Meaning

Name of a place in Iran, Ruler, King, Leader

Arhaan in Urdu


Additional Info

Arhaan, according to Mu'jam al-Buldaan (an encyclopedia of countries) is the name of a place in Iran, but it doesn't give any other information on it.

Arhaan is not an Arabic name or from an Islamic origin. Some sites say it comes from "Indian" (maybe Hindi or Sanskrit) origins and it means ruler, king, but I cannot say if this is correct.

You can use Arhaan as a name and by it you can mean "a place in Iran", or the Hindi/Sanskrit meaning of "ruler, king" if this meaning is correct.

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According to another source, Arhan is actually Orhan, Written in Urdu same. It is Turkish name as Orhan ghazi (City in west Turkey) etc. Its origin is from “khan”, which means the Leader, Ruler or the King as well (Mongols, Changez Khan etc). Khan when converted to Turkish language it becomes “Han” with no changes in meanings. According to Turkish Language when a word contains “Ar” before it starts makes it superior, makes its meanings supreme. in this way the “Han” with “Ar” before it becomes “Arhan” which means the leader of leaders or king of kings.

Similar Names

, Arhaa

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