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Ibad Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic
Lucky Number:
  • 5

Ibad Meaning

Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing, Devoted to Allah, Humans, Humanity

Ibad in Urdu


Additional Info

Ibad is a direct Quranic name for boys that means “servants of Allah”, “slaves of Allah”. More generally it mean “humans”, “humanity”, since all humans are servant of Allah, whether they are believer or not. It is used dozens of times in the Quran, for example:

Theirs shall be the Gardens of Eden, which the All Merciful has promised to His servants without their having seen them, and most surely His promise shall be fulfilled. (Quran 19:61)

AND, INDEED, [a time came when] We thus inspired Moses: “Go forth with My servants by night, and strike out for them a dry path through the sea; [and] fear not of being overtaken, and dread not [the sea].” (Quran 20:77)

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