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Insiya Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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Insiya Meaning

A member of mankind, Any human being

Insiya in Urdu


Additional Info

Insiya is mentioned in the Quran at the end of verse 19:26, and it means "a member of mankind". The actual word is Insiy, the -a at the end is added only for rhyming, it is not part of the word.

Insiya is an acceptable name and is used mostly for girls. It can be considered a direct Quranic name it is mentioned directly in the Quran.
Numerological Meaning (For Entertainment Purposes Only)
People with this name tend to be very active. They love to travel and hate to sit around in the same spot for too long. They are bold, daring, and persuasive. They love to try new things and take chances. Professionally, they can be successful as a public figure, in the media, or at developing new ideas for small businesses.

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  1. Khudeeja Bashir
    Iss naam ka sara credit tou additional Info ko jata hai....
    Jan 15, 2012
    1. Saad Sheikh
      Saad Sheikh
      haha.. so what's your rating for this name?
      Jan 15, 2012
    2. Khudeeja Bashir
      Khudeeja Bashir
      Chadoo jee...rayh'en dayoo...saaddi rating tussi....
      Jan 15, 2012