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Laiba Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic
Lucky Number:
  • 2

Laiba Meaning

Angel of heaven

Laiba in Urdu


Additional Info

Laaibah is an incorrect pronunciation of Lu'bah/Loubah, which is the name of a Hoori mentioned in weak (unauthentic) hadith. Since it is not from an authentic hadith, this is likely false and fabricated. Lu'bah means "plaything", "toy", and it is not a very good name for a child. Laaibah means "player", one who plays a game, this too is not a very good meaning, since it could mean someone who doesn't take life seriously and who is always playing tricks.

You can use Laaibah or Loubah, as they are not forbidden in Islam, though we do not recommend them. (Pakistan.web.pk Staff)

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