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Mirha Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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Mirha Meaning

Nimble, Agile, Fast

Mirha in Urdu


Additional Info

Mirha, spelled مرهاء in Arabic and pronounced (MI)ddle +p(R)ay + (HA)rd, is an Arabic word that means nimble (پھرتیلا), agile (پھرتیلی), fast (تیز). It is not a Quranic name but since the meaning is good you can use it as a name. The word Mirha is a feminine word for this reason it is more appropriate to use it for girls.

Some websites say it means "Allah ka Noor" but we can't verify that.

People with this name tend to be very logical thinkers. It is very important for them to have a rigid routine. Many of their actions are quite calculated and thought out. Professionally, they can be successful as an Administrator, team player, or small business owner

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