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Romaisa Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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Romaisa Meaning

Jannat Ki Khoobsoorti, Wind that scatters dust and hides tracks and footprints

Romaisa in Urdu


Additional Info

Rumaisah (spelled رُمَيْسَة in Arabic) is an Arabic name for girls that means “wind that scatters dust and hides tracks and footprints”.

If Rumaisah is spelled as رُمَيْثَة in Arabic (more accurately written as Rumaithah in English, but many people would simplify the name to Rumaisah), it becomes another name which according to the Lisan al-Arab dictionary is the name of a place. This name comes from the R-M-TH root, which can be used to rebuild its meaning. The root has meanings of “increasing”, thus Rumaisah would mean “an increase [in something]“. Rumaisah can also be the feminine diminutive form of Rams/Ramth, which means “raft” (a flat structure made of timber that is used as a boat), in which case Rumaisah would mean “little raft”.Rumaisah/Rumaithah is the name of two Sahabiyaat (female companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah upon him and his companions): Rumaithah bint Amr bin Hashim and Rumaithah bint Hakeem.

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  1. Saad Sheikh
    Meaning of Rumaisah (spelled رُمَيْسَة in Arabic) in Urdu would be Aisi hawa jo qadmon k nishan mita day aur apnay sath matti ko uraa lay jaye.
    Jan 19, 2017