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Tahmina Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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Tahmina Meaning

Powerful, Strong

Tahmina in Urdu


Additional Info

Tahmina is a variant of the Persian name Tahmineh and means “powerful”, “strong”.

Tahmina, Tahmeeneh, Tahminah (with various other spellings) is a Farsi name for girls mentioned in Shahnameh, the national epic of the Persian speaking world. She was the princess of Samangaan (in Ahvaz, Persia), and Rostam, one of the heroes in the book, takes her as his wife and together they have a son, Sohrab.

It is derived from tahm (strength, power) and the meaning is strong, powerful. Since the meaning is good it is an acceptable name for Muslim girls.

It is pronounced in two ways, both of which are valid: (TU)ck + (H)umble + (MEAN)ing + r(U)n | (TU)ck + (H)umble + (MEAN)ing + r(E)d

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