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Zaryan Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic,Persian

Zaryan Meaning

Doulat talash karnay wala

Zaryan in Urdu


Additional Info

There are 2 different names with same English spelling: Zaryan
  1. Zaryan (زریان) is a Persian origin name for Boys that means "Doulat talash karnay wala".
  2. Zaryan (ذریان) is an Arabic origin name for Girls that means “one who throws something into the air and causes it to become spread out”, such as a person who throws milled grain into the air to separate the grain from the chaff (done by farmers during windy days after harvest).
Note that both above names has difference in Urdu/Persian/Arabic script.

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  1. Saad Sheikh
    I have updated details in Additional Info box.
    Aug 20, 2017