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  • Numan Ahmad Khan
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Zimran Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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Zimran Meaning

Vine dresser (a person who prunes, trains, and cultivates vines), Celebrated, Song

Zimran in Urdu


Additional Info

Zimran is the name of one of the sons of Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him, according to the Bible, whose offspring settled in the area of moden-day Hijaz in Saudi Arabia. This name may also be related to Zabran, which is another name for the city of Jeddah between Mecca and Madina.

The meaning of Zimran according to Hebrew sources is “vine-dresser” (one cultivates and prunes vine), “celebrated”, “song”.

Today this name is also used for girls.

Zimran is acceptable for Muslims since it doesn’t have a bad meaning.

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  1. Sabir Khanam
    Doesn;t look like muslim name according to its meaning
    Dec 30, 2015