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Alif Episode 9

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  1. Falak
    "I am loving this show. The episode ends so early."
    I am loving this show. The episode ends so early.
    I believe Momina did right thing by leaving Faisal. He does not deserve her. He will never be able to gauge her past from her point of view.
    Momin has list connection with Allah and so was unable to explain what he wanted to show in his film. I believe Dada gave this challenge for two reasons; first to let him see true colours of those around him and second to make him explore this path of spirituality.
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  2. Faryal Ahmed
    "Alif is becoming very special to me day by day"
    Faisal ko haq tab kyu nhi yaad aya jab Momina ka bahi bemar tha.... Kesa pyar hai Faisal ka.... Sab tab kyu nhi kiya jab sab sy zaida zaroort thi Momina ko..... Bot acha kiya Momina ny faisal ky sath...... Alif is becoming very special to me day by day :love:
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  3. r
    "Best performance by Dada and Hamza"
    I haven't seen such type of drama in my entire life.... deeply touching soul... n connection wd the Almighty Allah.... Best performance by Dada and Hamza
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  4. Asma Malik
    "Hamza playing Momin in his real life"
    Zabardast... Now hamza is playing Momin in his real life.. He left industry to serve qaum... Good.
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  5. Z
    "This is best drama serial that I have ever seen"
    This is the best drama serial that i have ever seen in the journey of my 17 years of life yar really this is not only an entertainment show this is something exceptional that touches to my soul deeply really impressed by SAJAL Her acting and her expressions are totally amazing
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  6. Harry Potter
    Qalb-e-Momin Allah se dil he dil main khafa hai aur ye itna pyara rishta hai os ka Allah se k osey khud bhi nhen pata.
    Woh ghusay aur khafgi main saray woh kaam kr raha hai jis se mana frmaya hai. Jesay hum kbhi apnay parents se naraz ho kr woh kaam krtay hain jis se mana krtay hain lekin jesay he wo razi kr k pyar se seenay se lagatay hain tau hum bacho ki trha ro prtay hain.

    Bs Qalb-e-Momin ko bhi wahi lmha chahiye jis main woh dil khol kr ro sakay aur ye baat openly accept kr sakay k han woh khafa hai, naraz hai zindagi se, apni maan se aur apnay Raab se bhi.

    Allah hum sb se apnay Rab ko razi kr dey aur apnay Rab k diye pe hamein razi kr dey aur apnay Rab se muhabbat ka talluq hamesha qayem rakhay. Ameen
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  7. r
    "My review on Alif Episode 9"
    Kitna Acha Lagta hai JB Qur'an Aur Allah Ka zikr hota hai sach Mai Jitne B paise kamalo shourat kamalo ,but Agar hum Allah se door hai to sukoon Nhi milta ,Allah humsbko Allah maaf krein Aur unki Rahh pe chalne ki taufeeq ATA kre. Aameen
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