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favorite dialogue of this episode ‘ Hum Kayi Qabeelay ka ALLAH pr emaan hai aur hum usi se madad maangty hn agr aapki fauj us se barri hai tou aajayen hum par hamla karny’ Lkn asli me inho ne yeh b kaha tha hum aapka intezaar krein gy apne qabeelay me -Suleman Shah
Oh my God !!! I have read about ottoman empire in grade 7 !!!! That time I didn't understand perfectly, but know after watching this drama, feeling very very proud that I already have studied about such great warrior ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
37:00 kis kis kaa favourite 🌹scene hee like 👍 karke batana 👌👌👌
39:48 Allah hu Akbar ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍 Allah Hum Muslims ko Aisay leader deday jin ka Eman Allah ki Raza pe he ho..
21:46 how Ertgrul brother encounters his wife , so nice not loosing his dignity and keeping ethics how he reminded her of all the things they are facing and she is busy in stupid things
Maybe if we show these drama's to our young generation and kid's their hero's would not be Batman or Superman
I m so happy to Real Muslim nationalist watch this series about Ertuğrul.TÜRKİYEDEN PAKİSTANA sevgiler .🇦🇿🇹🇷🇵🇰
Jab Musalmanon Ka Tawakkal ALLAH Par Barh Jaye Tu Usay Duniya Ki Koi Taqat Shikast (Hara) Nahi De Sakti !
Great tradition. at lunch or dinner, everyone brings his own spoon. 2. dinner starts when Leader starts and distribution takes place further. interesting one
Amazing 😍 History Of Brave Islamic Heroes Ertugrul Ghazi And His Sons It's Msg of Pure Jahad Against Kufaar
Ertugrul replies were so awesome ma sha Allah... and I wanna say that PTV have very high quality dubbing standards and i am so happy for our National Channel. PTV should start URDU dubbing movies and serial channel also.
35:20 amazing speech by Ertugral. The same suitation of pak when we talk about kashmir and Palestine and ummmat some secular say that first we should look into our country then think for others..history repeat itself..
YA Allah is mubark maheeny k sdky duniya main SB mrny walon ko jannat main ala mukam ata frma or SB ki preshaniyan door frma Ameeeen ❤❤❤❤
“How can the heart travel to ALLAH, when it is chained by its desires?” - Ibn Arabi.
I Love This 😍 Starting Background Music... This Music Make Fire 🔥 In Heart 💓
Aaye Allah hamsab aap ki pana Chahte h, her bure din se her bure raat se her buri ghari se her buri lamhe se, aane vale waqt ki aafato , balao musibato, pareshaniyo , gamo fikro dukho or her kism ki bimaryo se aye Allah hamsab ko her lamhe apni hifzo Aaman ata farma, Aameen
This episode every actor and actress mind-blowing fabulous outstanding acting
The best BEARD awaad goes to AFSIN bey.
Is seriel ko dekhne se apne apne islaam hone par fakar mahsoos hota h islaam zinda baad
Long live 🇵🇰Pakistan-🇹🇷Turkey friendship ❤ May Allah Almighty unite the Muslims ➡ Ameen
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