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>>>A Different Kind of Love<<<

Discussion in 'Pyar Ishq aur Mohabbat Kaddah' at Pakistan.web.pk started by rubPzai, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. rubPzai

    rubPzai Popular Pakistani

    A very poor, 7 year-old young boy was walking around the hot, scorching sun selling cookies to help make some money for his family. His mother was quite ill and his father had left them. The mother still went to work to support herself and her 6 children.

    This young boy knew how hard times were so did what he could to help his mother out. He went from house to house knocking on doors trying to sell what little he could, a few bucks here and there. Hour after hour in the hot, burning son he would trudge on.

    There came a point where he became very thirsty. There were no faucets anywhere, so he thought that maybe he could ask for a small glass of water at the next house he stops at.

    *knock knock knock*
    A very lovely woman answered the door and the boy became discouraged as he did not want to impose and thought it rude, but was so thirsty that he decided he had to ask.

    "What have you got there young man?" the woman asked.

    "I'm selling cookies to help my mother out, but ma'm I just came to ask if perhaps I could have a small cup of water, I am very thirsty and I have only a few dollars to pay."

    The young woman smiled and asked the boy to hold on. She walked in her house and came back out with a tall glass of ice-cold milk.

    The boy was extremely excited, but told the woman,
    "Ma'm, I appreciate your generosity, but I cannot accept this from you. I only asked for a cup of water."

    The kind woman, not taking no for an answer, insisted that the boy drink up so he would feel better. The boy gratefully took the glass and drank up the whole cup. He tried to offer her cookies free of charge or the little money he had, but she would not accept anything.

    He thanked her and left.

    30 years later...

    This same woman became very ill. She had a life-threatening disease that was so rare that only a few doctors in the world could even attempt to perform such medical procedures. She was sent to the hospital and quickly air-lifted off to the nearest hospital with such doctors. After a few weeks of excruciating pain and time, the doctors were finally able to cure her.

    In the recovery room, when she finally came about again, she realized how expensive this surgery was and knew that no insurance that she could ever have owned could pay for it. She wanted to stay in the hospital as long as possible because she knew the day she left she would get the bill.

    After about 2 weeks, she was finally ready to leave. She saw outside as the doctor and nurse were talking. The doctor had a piece of paper; signed his name on it and the nurse left. The doctor walked in the room, and the woman began tearing up, but pretended to be sleeping as she didn't want the doctor to see; the doctor put the piece of paper on the table next to her, looked at the woman, smiled and left. When the doctor left, the woman opened her eyes and began crying as she knew that the piece of paper was the bill.

    An hour or so went by before the woman knew that it was time to face reality. She slowly looked over at the paper and picked it up. She slowly let her eyes drop to the bottom where the total would be...

    She saw the total bill and her heart dropped, her eyes began watering as she covered her mouth in shock. The bill was indeed not payable, but scribbled in small letters next to the doctor's signature, right next to the total was a little scribbled note...

    "Paid in full, with one tall glass of ice-cold milk."
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  2. FaZii KhaN

    FaZii KhaN Inactive Member

    very nice Rub Thanks for sharing :)
  3. rubPzai

    rubPzai Popular Pakistani

  4. Heer

    Heer Inactive Member

    awwww....indeed very nice,,,and something to learn from...
    Thanx for sharing...God bless u
  5. rubPzai

    rubPzai Popular Pakistani

    thanx 4 vstng Heer
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