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    Aalu Gosht Recipe in Urdu by Zubaida Tariq in Handi Full High Quality Masala Tv 25 Jan 2016

    Masala TV show Handi features cooking expert Zubaida Tariq.

    If you want to know how to recreate authentic Pakistani cuisine at home, Handi is a cooking show especially designed just for you. Zubaida Tariq Pakistan’s renowned cooking expert adds tremendous culinary presence to the show and brings the flavors of Pakistani food right into your kitchen.

    Her years of cooking experience and unique style makes her recipes rich in spices, flavors and aroma. And her everyday home remedies make this a complete show for our viewers. So watch Handi and discover the world of Pakistani food

    Today's Recipes:
    Aalu Gosht, Bhuni Maash ki Daal

    Timing: Watch Handi show Every Monday to Friday at 5 pm.
    See more Recipes of Handi by Zubaida Tariq
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