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    Abbaspur ..Azad Kashmir

    This town originally named as Gowpal Pur was re named in early 1950’s Abbaspur after a great Kashmiri leader Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas. Before partition of Indian and Pakistan Kashmir Gowpal Pur was a relatively unknow place and was primarily used to breed cows. That is where the original name of GOWPALPUR meaning (Cows breeding place) came from. 1947 during war over Kashmir lot of Muslim residents of Poonch city and neighboring towns rushed to this site for a temporary refuge. Their main purpose to hanging around this area was to wait for cease-fire and than go back to their permanent homes in poonch. After few years the immigrant residents realized that their dream to go back to their motherland is far from true. Thus those immigrants started to rebuild their lives in this area. Along with themselves immigrants from Poonch and neighboring towns brought a rich culture of business, education and social city life to this area. In early 1950’s an immigrant MS. Wazir Begum was the founder of first girls school in Abbaspur. She started a school for girls in her own home and was faced with criticism of spoiling native girls with education. . She was daughter of Sardar Salah Mohammed Khan who was Sergeant with department of police in Poonch city and died in hands of Sikhs while exiting out of Poonch Today there are about a dozen of schools and colleges in this town having educated some of the most brilliant brains of this nation who became successful professionals in medical, engineering, education and yes also the never dull profession of politics.
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    Gowalpur??? Main ne tu suna th, Gopalpur??????
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    nice sharing
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    Yaran e Jahan kehte hain kashmir ha jannat
    Jannat kisi kafir ko mili ha na mili gee...
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