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    Aga Khan New Member

    Welcome to worldwide recognized “Agha Khan University Hospital Pharmacy” which is said to be the best pharmacy in Karachi. These AKUH 24/7 pharmacies are trusted for selling and delivering genuine medicines. These are internationally licensed ones with a team of best pharmacists to meet every medical need.

    The Agha Khan’s biggest pharmacy in Karachi is going to a next level by initiating computerized physician order entry system (CPOE) making it much easy for doctors and patients. Besides all, it ensures safe medication and the correct dosage. We can see new development goings high with AKUH medical care specializing in the field of medicine.
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    Muhammad Arsalan New Member

    The main pharmacy is very good and all medicines are genuine. It would prefer to buy medicines from their pharmacy rather than buying from any other pharmacy because most of the pharmacies are not temperature controlled and they sell expired medicines by changing the expiry date from the marker or put stickers on it.