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    Ahmadpur East or Ahmedpur Sharqia (Urdu, Punjabi: تحصیل احمدپور شرقیہ) is one of the five tehsils (administrative subdivisions) of Bahawalpur District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] Ahmad Pur East contains 31 Union Councils of Pakistan

    The city is of particular importance because of its area and history. It is also known as Dera Nawab Sahib. There is a palace covering much of the area around the city. The Sadiq Abbas Government college is based here.
    The city is situated on the highway 50 km from Bahawalpur. Its historical importance relates to the Nawab of Bahawalpur. The Noor Mahal palace of Nawab Sadiq the fifth is in Bahawalpur.
    The Railway Station of Ahmedpur East is called Dera Nawab Sahib, which can be viewed while travelling towards Karachi. There are two bus stands for this city: Abbasia Chowk and Chowk Chacha Basti. The centre of the city, in which there is currently a roundabout, is named after the martyr Muneer Shaheed.

    Saraiki Urdu & Punjabi Language is the most spoken language. [

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    Ahmedpur Sharqia which also known as Ahmedpur East and Dera Nawab Sahib is a small town but very historical place of Pakistan. The Sadiq Mahal, Derawar Fort and Uch Sharif are very historical sites here and this city have very fascinating past incidents and historical events which allure the people's heart. People from around the world come to see these sites but now this tourism has become very less due to non-awareness of the general public which is increading day by day and due to the backwardness of the city which is also increasing day by day. The main cause of this is its political leadership which is unable to make some developments and this negative aspect of this city is hindering it in the way of its development of TOURISM as well as in all the other fields of life of the people here.
    There are very good families namely Malik, Kamboh, Mian and Bhatti which are considered the well known and educated ones in the city. It is the biggest Tehsil (the administrative unit in Pakistan) having millions of people which are very intelligent and energetic but unfortunately the lackness of the opportunities has pushed them back and stopped them to grow and develop their talent like many other small cities of Pakistan. All the educated and intelligent TALENT of the city is leaking due to backwardness and less opportunities.

    The city's entering place is Abbasia Chowk for the people coming from Bahawalpur city and is Lorry Adda for the people who are coming from Rahim yar Khan & Khanpur side; the central square of the city is Chowk Muneer Shaheed which is named after the martyer Muneer Shaheed. From Chowk Muneer, three main roads are connecting this central point to other parts of the city. The Abbasia Road leading towards Abbasis chowk; the Lorry Adda road leading towards the square Lorry Adda and the Railway Road leading towards the Railway Station namely Dera Nawab Sahib. One important thing for the people who wants to visit Ahmedpur Sharqia should know that they should stepped down on the railways tation of DERA NAWAB SAHIB ( on the main route of rails - Karachi to Lahore)and they should not find the railways station of Ahmedpur East, otherwise they would not be able to find the railways station of Ahmedpur East in whole of their lives as there is no existence of this station at all !
    The city comprises several mohallahs (the different units or colonies of the city) among them, Mohallah Quraishabad, Mohallah Sarwar Shah, Mohallah Shikari, Mohallah Fitani, Abbasia Mohallah and Dera Nawab Sahib (basically Dera Nawab Sahib is the bigger part of the city which also contains different other small units geographically) are very familiar in the city. The city has one Tehsil Hospital and several other private clinics and hospitals in all other areas of the city. It has Two Degree Colleges and other diploma institutes in Governmental administration and several private colleges which are increasing day by day due to the growing population of the city. It has many governmental High Schools and several private schools which are now being run under the control and supervission of PEF.
    Being a inhabitant of this city I feel that I should express one thing here, that this city needs some Industrial units to be established like Ashraf Sugar Mills (a mill near the city of Bahawalpur) in order to cope with the increasing unemployment. As due to lack of any industrial units its many intelligent & educated persons are ****** to leave their beloved city and to live in other metropolitans of the country like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. The city standard of living is decreasing due to unemployment and poverty of the city; it doesn't mean that people of Ahmedpur East don't have money, proportionally the rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poorer due to inflation. The situation here should be called Stagflation and not Inflation. The present alarming conditions of the city is demanding some big industrial units to be established to cope with all of these economical problems.
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