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  • IzaA Ali
  1. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder Staff Member

    New update is available :smiling face with smiling eyes:
    Version 1.1.0 available to install/update on Google Play store.

    Click here to install or update!

    This new version 1.1.0 includes a large number of changes, both to the underlying structure of the code and the exposed features. We recommend that all users running a previous version upgrade when possible.

    What's new in this release?
    • Added android's native navigation drawer menu for quick and easy browsing site sections.
    • Added smart sticky toolbar/action-bar that hides when you scroll down and shows when scroll up.
    • Added pull to refresh. Now refresh pages with just a swipe gesture.
    • Added app sharing & home button in toolbar.
    • Added support for uploading and downloading files.
    • Added new loading indicator.
    • Improved page loading speed.
    • Fixed no internet error screen reported by @Wanderer (thanx)
    • Updated welcome/splash screen, now displays the app version.
    • Minimum required Android version changed from 4.0.3 to 4.1.
    • Some new required permissions added.
    Navigation drawer. Toolbar. Share this.

    We hope you enjoy this update! If you like it please support us by rating on Google Play store :thumbs up: thanx

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  2. Shaista javed

    Shaista javed New Member I Love Reading

  3. Kool Kat

    Kool Kat Popular Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

  4. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Staff Member

    Amazing update :love:

    Updated to latest version. This navigation drawer is too good.

    Thank you brother! Excellent work as always :thumbs up:
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  5. Wanderer

    Wanderer Star Pakistani Staff Member

    Awesome bro ab ye baar baar band bhi nhi ho rhe hai :-D
    @Saad Sheikh
  6. Ana Zai

    Ana Zai Super Star Pakistani Staff Member Baby Names Staff I Love Reading

  7. Hareem

    Hareem Popular Pakistani Staff Member Digital Library Staff Baby Names Staff

    At last... Found this to remain active..:thumbs up:
    Thank you @Saad Sheikh bhai :)
    @Wanderer maine bhi jab app download ki to internet error a raha tha lekin maine apko tang nhi kia shukr aj update ker lia to bhala ho gya..:happy:
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  8. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter Well-Known Pakistani

    Just installed and it's amazing!

    Top work team Pak Web :thumbs up: keep up the great work !!
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  9. S

    Selly.pk Account Closed

    achi baat hai k apne app bi bna li hai mobarik ho.
  10. a

    alricbasil New Member I Love Reading

    It is a nice effort,