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    Dear all @Active Staff Members @Recently Active Users @Recently Joined Users and @Users Love Reading

    We are happy to announce the release of our 2nd self developed official android app for Readers.pk - one of our sister websites.

    Android app for Readers.pk
    v1.0 Requires Android 4.1 and up

    Readers.pk Urdu Novels.

    Readers.pk is one of best Urdu novels website launched in October 2012 serving 15,000+ unique readers every month.

    About "Login with Pakistan Web" facility
    Readers.pk is deeply integrated with Pakistan Web and uses "Login with Pakistan Web" facility for faster & secure user login. It means all Pakistan.web.pk users can easily access Readers.pk with their existing user accounts. Previously we used "Login with Pakistan Web" button to login or register but many users reported problems in recent days so we have made changes and developed a better solution. "Login with Pakistan Web" button is not needed anymore, Standard login box is now smart enough to handle things. Try it :thumbs up:
    Readers.pk Login.

    About New User Registration
    New registrations are being handled at "Pakistan.web.pk" only. Users need to register one account at Pakistan.web.pk and then Log on to all Pakistan.web.pk powered websites, including Readers.pk.

    Please feel free to report us any problem, we are happy to provide support :smiling face with smiling eyes:

    Rate the app!
    Readers.pk app is new in Google Play Store so it needs good rating and reviews.

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  4. F

    Farha New Member

    Thanks web side batane ka lekin mere email ka password bar bar error araha hi jub k mujhe achay Se yad hi
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  5. Saad Sheikh

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  6. D

    Dua 1 Well-Known Pakistani I Love Reading

    Well done....n continue doing amazing things for@Saad Sheikh
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  7. Rimsha Gulzar

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    Good job Keep it up......
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  8. Harry Potter

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    Nice app! :slightly smiling face:

    Installed and working fine. thank u
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    Congratulations Saad Bhai! :)
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  10. Veer

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    Loving it :love:
    Excellent work as always :thumbs up:
    Using it since the beta version ;) I've updated to the stable release but Google Play is still showing it Beta. Seems like a cache or a problem at Google Play end?
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