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    Luca New Member

    My question is that: are virginity and purity still a value in Pakistan? And more generally, in all Islam world?
    I mean the true purity in body and soul.
    Here in Europe Catholic people are doing everything wrong: no one comes virgin to marriage, they change partners often, and so on.
    And when you say them "Hey, you are religious, you should respect some rules" they answer you "God doesnt care about out sexual life, everyone can make mystake, ect".

    I think they're all pathetic apologetics because they know they're wrong.... But of course, everyone is free to do what he/she desires (even if i have got my line of thought and often people judge me for that).

    I know that in Islam to have boyfriend/girlfriend is Haram, as it is Haram to do *** before marriage... But nobody is perfect...

    But generally, how is working about this topic?