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Asal Sikandar-E-Azam Kon?

Discussion in 'Seerat-e-Sahabah' at Pakistan.web.pk started by rubPzai, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Asslam o Alaikum Friends

    Hamari Kamm Ilmi ka yeh haal hay ya youn bhi keh lein k Western Media ki bartari ka yeh aalam hay k aaj Sikandar-e-Azam ka naam aatay he to hum Alexander ko he zehan mien aata hay balkeh hum mien se akser Alexander k name se bhi waqif nahe balkeh usay Sikandar he samjhtay hain

    Aain Aur dekhein k Asal Sikandar-e-Azam kon hay??? Her Mamlay Mein Alexander se bar.tar kon hay??? Aain aur Apni Millat ki young Generation ko batain k Sikandar-e-Azam kon hay. Plz neechay diya gaya stuff parhein aur yeh msg Jis jis tak pohncha sakein pohnchain aur jahan bhi aisi koi baat ho bila jhijak aur bila khof daleel k sath batain k asal Sikandar-e-Azam kon hay Parh ker apni Raiy zaroor deejiyay ga

    Real Article Specially For Those Who Cant Read in Urdu


    We all think that Alexendar was a great warrior, emperor, but most of us do not know about a person who WAS the greatest ruler in the history of ISLAM, (Hazrat UMER FAROOQ ). I actually read this column about Hazrat Umer Farooq. And I came to know many facts that Hazrat Umer Farooq was the greatest Emperor in this world, not Alexander.
    Alexander became king at age of 20, Conquered Greece, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jerusalem, Babylon, Egypt, India, Then he went back from Sindh (Pakistan).
    People Say that he was the greatest EMPORER , WARRIOR or CONQURER. He is known as KING OF KINGS.
    But like many other facts about our religion most of all don’t know that HAZRAT UMER was the greatest EMPORER of this world.
    Here we compare both
    Alexander was son of a King. Best people in world trained him. He got teachers like Aristotle. But nobody in Hazrat Umer’s fore fathers was king or in power. When he was young he used to take care of Camels, Goats and was a simple person. He never learnt anything from any academy.

    Alexander Conquered 1.7 Million Sq Miles with the help of an organized army in 10 years, but we don’t know that Hazrat Umer Conquered 2.2 Million Sq Miles with and unorganized and untrained Army in same time period (10 years).

    Even No body today while having technology and power has such big area. In 10 years Alexander killed his generals, faced opposition of his own people, many people left him, and in India his army refused to move forward, While in 10 year nobody disobeyed Hazrat Umer. He Suspened Hazra Khalid Bin Walid in the middle of a war (He is known as the best Muslim General and Army Chief and Saif Ullah (Sword of Allah), He suspended Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas from Koofa’s Governership. Suspended Hazrat Harath Bin Kaa’ab, He called back the Governer of Hames and asked him to take care of Camels and nobody ever refused him.

    Despite of being a king of 1.7 Million Sq Miles area, Alexander could not give any system to the world, but Hazrat Umer gave best system which are in any shape currently implemented in whole world today.

    He added (Asalat O Khair Min Al-Nom) in Azan, He implemented punishments for using Alcohol. Started Hijri Calendar, Salat Al Taraveeh was started regularly in his time, Gave concept of Prison, Gave Salaries for Mo’zans (People who say Azan(Call for Prayer)), Arranged lights in Mosques, Made Police department, Made a complete judiciary system, Made Irrigation system, Cantonments were made, Made a regular Department of Army, Tax System was implemented, Zakat was implemented, Allownces were paid to children, handicaps and widows. Accountability Department was started for the first time for Governers and Govt Servants.

    Here are some of his sayings
    • The king who does ADAL (Accountability) sleeps fearlessly.
    • A leader is True servant of Nation.

    It was written on his Stamp
    “Umer, Death is enough for Advice”

    There were never 2 dishes in his meal, many times he used to sleep on earth while having a brick under his head, there were 14 patches on his Shirt, one was of leather. He used to wear hard and thick clothes He never liked soft clothes.

    Whenever he used to appoint anybody as civil servant he used to take details of his assets and if these were increased during service audit was done. Whenever he used to make someone Governer of any area always advised him

    “Never used Tukish horses, never use soft clothes, never use poured flour, never keep guards, never closed doors on people asking for help”.

    He used to say that “To forgive Cruel is cruelty” .

    His saying is today charter of Human rights.
    “Children are born free, Why you make them Slaves”.

    He used to say I often think and surprise that how Umer (Hazrat Umer) is changed.

    He was the one who was called “Ameer ul Momineen” for the first time.

    Justice is the biggest characteristic of Islam, and it became Adal e Farooqui (Justice of Hazrat Umer Farooq) in his times.
    He had debt when he was martyred, and after his death his house was sold and dues were paid, he used to Say that

    “If a dog near Farat will die with hunger I will be punished for that”

    Nobody follows Alexander now, his name is just in books but,

    Still Allah O Akbar, Allah O Akbar sound comes from every part of the world, even there is not a single second when there is no Azan in any part of the world.

    Systems which were made by Hazrat Umer Farooq (Razi Allah Talah), are still implemented in the world.

    A letter comes out from a post office, Police Man wears his uniform, a solder goes on vacation after 6 months, whenever a widow or a handicap gets allowance from Govt.

    Once Muslims of Lahore Protested and were saying to English Govt “ If we will come out of homes, we will remind you Changez Khan” and then Jawahar Laal Nehroo said Why Muslims forgot that they had a Umer in their History, now we also forgot that there was a person (Hazrat) Umer Farooq about him

    Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that “if anyone could be a prophet after me would be Umer Bin Khitab(Hazrat Umer Farooq)”

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    jazakallah khair
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    MASHALLAH BoHat Hi KHooBsurat ..... !!!

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    Bohat achi inFormation

    thankx for this
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  7. Thanks alot for sharing such information in detail


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