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  1. d

    dasht-e-tanhae Inactive Member

    Asslam O Alikum
    Heer G ap ko Hajj ki bohat mubarak ho
    aur dua hay k Allah RAbbull Izzat ap k Haj ko Qabool FArmae

  2. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder Staff Member

    Welcome back Heer
    Masha Allah, Hajj ki sa'adat bohot bohot mubarak ho
    Allah ta'ala qabool farmaye, ameen.

    Aap ko wapis deikh kar bohot khushi huwi, we really missed you a lot :)

    khush raho.
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  3. Heer

    Heer Inactive Member

    Ameen Sum Ameen DT ji............ Allah Pak aap ko bhi bahot khush rakhe Aor aap ki dili muradein ber laye..........

    Again Bahot Bahot zyada Shukriya​
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  4. Heer

    Heer Inactive Member

    Thank You Saad jii......... So Nice of You
    I missed you all too...
    Allah kere Bahot khush raho aap bhi..........Aap preshanian khatam hon
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  5. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Digital Library Staff I Love Reading

    Welcome back sis :)
    bohat mubarak ho Hajj.
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  6. Silent Smile

    Silent Smile Well-Known Pakistani

    Assalam u Alaikum,


    Qabool kejye Heer G :) Khushi G say maloom hoa iss baray men too bohat khushi hoee :) app bohat khush qismat hain ke app ko yeh Saa'adat naseeb hoee Masha Allah. Dua hai ke ham sab ko orr app ko bhi baar baa yeh saa'dat hasil ho (Amin). Allah Taa'aala app ka yeh amal qabool farmayen (Amin)..
    ham sab nay app ko boaht miss kiya orr umeed hai ke app nay bhi udher hamen duaon men yaad rakha ho ga.

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  7. Heer

    Heer Inactive Member

    ThanQ Very much everyone! Yes, its a truly unforgettable experience, I must say that there are no words in my possesion. Infact I don't believe the english language has such words to portray the magnificance, marvel and splendor of the places that I've visited only if you lay your eyes on such places in person will you understand what I mean...even no language can explain the purity of feelings and places...I do hope you get to go soon, it is a great experience. Seeing the Kaaba for the first time when u get there is the best time to make dua for anything, it should get accepted inshallah.

    In the Masjid al Haram (Makkah) it feels like your soul belongs there. I felt so at home there, I kept having moments of realisation that I am actually performing Hajj, and kept thinking how amazing it was and how thankful I am that Allah had actually made it happen.

    People give u some horror stories about crushing due to over crowding, but alhamdulillah we didn't encounter any really dangerous moments, somehow each person had their place and managed to complete their hajj actions.

    There are moments which REALLY test your patience, but its all part of HAJJ, its not supposed to be easy. Take the good experiences with the bad, and overall its an amazing experience.

    Some people may think they r not ready. That's because we are too involved in the worldly life ..
    I would like to urge everyone to try to go asap if they haven't been already...Everyone, if u can afford to go, then go for Hajj asap, its fard for those adults who can afford it.

    Jazak Allah khaira Kaseeran Kaseera..!
  8. A

    Arzoo Inactive Member

  9. Princess

    Princess Well-Known Pakistani Staff Member Baby Names Staff

    Mashallah hajj bohat mubarak ho sis :)
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