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  1. Chulbul

    Chulbul Well-Known Pakistani

    Atmi taqat walay mulkon kay naam kya hain? aur un k pass kitne weapons hain?


    List of world nuclear power countries 2017
    List of world nuclear weapons 2017


  2. Veer

    Veer Famous Pakistani Staff Member

    The five nuclear-weapon states under the NPT
    CountryWarheads (Active/Total)Date of first testCTBT statusDelivery methods
    Russia1,790 / 7,30029 August 1949 ("RDS-1")RatifierNuclear triad
    United States1,750 / 6,97016 July 1945 ("Trinity")SignatoryNuclear triad
    United Kingdom150 / 2153 October 1952 ("Hurricane")RatifierSea-based
    France290 / 30013 February 1960 ("Gerboise Bleue")RatifierSea- and air-based
    Chinan.a. / 26016 October 1964 ("596")SignatorySuspected nuclear triad.
    Non-NPT nuclear powers
    CountryWarheads (Active/Total)Date of first testCTBT statusDelivery methods
    Indian.a. / 100–12018 May 1974 ("Smiling Buddha")Non-signatoryNuclear triad
    Pakistann.a. / 110–13028 May 1998 ("Chagai-I")Non-signatoryLand and air-based.
    North Korean.a. / 109 October 2006Non-signatorySuspected land and sea-based.
    Undeclared nuclear powers
    CountryWarheads (Active/Total)Date of first testCTBT statusDelivery methods
    Israeln.a. / est. 60–4001960–1979 incl. suspected Vela IncidentSignatorySuspected nuclear triad.

    A nuclear triad refers to the nuclear weapons delivery of a strategic nuclear arsenal which consists of three components: land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), strategic bombers, and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).

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