1. sTRanGEr

    sTRanGEr Well-Known Pakistani

    Bachpan ka december by Hashim Nadeem in PDF

    Tags of book:
    Bachpan Ka December, Hashim Nadeem Khan, Beautiful coming-of-age style Novel, Story on Strong Ties of Childhood Love, Falling Love with an elder girl, Impressive style of writing, Childhood Innocent Memories, coming of age experiences and feelings, Novel depicts human feelings and emotions, Strong Ties of Love, Novel Gift for Readers, Well known & Skillful Writer, Great Drama Writer and a Novel Writer of Balochistan. Expressing Human Feeling of Love Desire Patience. Widely admired literal work, Critics as well as Readers, Award Winning Telefilms & TV Drama Producer and Director, Widely Recognised Successful Novelist.

    Bachpan ka december by Hashim Nadeem.

    File Size: 48.51 MB

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  2. Syed Munawar Shah

    Syed Munawar Shah Popular Pakistani

    Nice one...

  3. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder

    Moved to Literature Library section.

    Thanx for sharing.
  4. Farhan Saleem

    Farhan Saleem New Member

    Really liked it......
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  5. MaryamRizvi

    MaryamRizvi New Member

    A great novel..............

    Attached Files:

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  6. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder

  7. MaryamRizvi

    MaryamRizvi New Member

    it is same..but in pdf instead of the link... wese many nae daikha tha........
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  8. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder

    No problem, I will merge both threads :)

    Update: posts merged
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  9. sTRanGEr

    sTRanGEr Well-Known Pakistani

    This was my 1st post in Pakistan.web.pk. :p
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  10. Veer

    Veer Super Star Pakistani

    Congratulations, your first post still there :D
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