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Beautiful Frocks With Different Styles

Discussion in 'Pakistani Dresses' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Princess, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Princess

    Princess Well-Known Pakistani

    These are Beautiful Frocks style for Pretty Girls and look beautiful with Baby cut hair style. you can see that in this Picture the Girl has full sleeve frock style with red and white borders line and yellow background and frock neck or blouse is decorated with beautiful floral designs. And Red Churidar Pajama is looking more beautiful with this Frock style.


    Beautiful frock style with full sleeve neck design and neck is also decorated with motif and zari designs, the Frock is in yellow color and long frock style and churidar pajama is in yellow color with nice border design.


    Nice mediam size frock style in white color with full sleeve frock blouse style and blouse neck is decorated with beautiful motif and zari floral designs, this frock is in Western Frock style and looking beautiful with beautiful golden churidar pajama style. These types of Frocks are used for Party wear.

    Indian beautiful frock style for Party wear, This Frock is in Non Sleeve neck design and neck is decorated with beautiful motif designs and Frock border is decorated with zari designs, This frock is looking beautiful with Beautiful white Churidar Pajama.


  2. K

    Khushi Inactive Member

    nice sharing princess
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  3. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh Founder

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  4. Princess

    Princess Well-Known Pakistani

    Thanks for liking both of u [​IMG]
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  5. K

    Khushi Inactive Member

    tssi welcum o ur highness Shahzadee jii:)[​IMG]
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  6. N

    Noor Inactive Member

    beautiful sharing
  7. Ayesha Amir

    Ayesha Amir Well-Known Pakistani


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