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Today's Birthdays
Pakistan.web.pk would like to wish Happy Birthday to all its members who celebrate their birthday today

  1. Snaya

    Snaya Popular Pakistani


  2. Emma Dil

    Emma Dil Super Star Pakistani

    best lines from the most beautiful and inspiring novel :happy::flower:

  3. Snaya

    Snaya Popular Pakistani

  4. M Shah

    M Shah Super Star Pakistani

    i found this best writer ever ...good vey good...always post these like things jo shaoor jaga sakai..
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  5. D

    Dawn_mist Well-Known Pakistani

    jazakallah..bohot aala
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  6. Khalid Bhatti

    Khalid Bhatti Well-Known Pakistani

    * Bilkul sahi kaha....:thumbs up:* :flower:
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  7. Muntsha Khan

    Muntsha Khan Popular Pakistani

    superb one...i like these lins most.....!!
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  8. bariaapi

    bariaapi Popular Pakistani

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