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    Pakistani drama Baiti Tou Mein Bhi Hun Episode 49 Urdu1 Youtube full, Beti tou main bhi hoon 16th March 2017, Beti Tou Main Bhi Hoon Drama episodes online

    This Story resolves around girl named Haya. Who has a strong sixth sense. All her major intuitions are mainly in people’s bad luck. People in her house and around her hate her for this. Even her own mother hates her a lot.

    Only her father and her cousin Moiz are ok with her and with her in bad times.

    After few twists and turns she is about to get married to Moiz but same day she has intuition about her father that something bad is going to happen to her father. On the same wedding day her father dies and with that her mother through her negative nagging and persuasion makes Moiz stand against her and get her younger daughter to marry Moiz.

    After this Haya’s life becomes living hell. And so her fight against all these situations is the story of ‘Beti tou mai bhi houn’

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